The Little Master..

  • Easy MASTER is the little wonder that is designed to handle all kinds of POS operations. The feature rich software that brains this device can handle the various point of sale operations pertaining to varied businesses and needs.Here are some of the domains where our MASTERS are being used.

  • Restaurants & Hotels

  • Cafes & Bakeries

  • Sweet Shops & Ice Cream Parlours

  • Mobile Truck/Van Sales

  • Salons & SPAs

  • Entrance Ticketing

  • Food Courts & Dhabas

10.1 inch machine
5.5 inch machine

Options Galore..

  • Easy MASTER is designed to handle most of the day to day sales operations along with some basic stock management options also. The MASTER can handle multiple billing modes that can be configured to suit your needs. Here are some of the various options that are available with the MASTER:

  • KOT based ordering & Billing options for Restaurants & Food Joints Billing

  • Kitchen KOT Printing option

  • Counter Sale/Takeway billing option

  • Party Order/Service Management with Delivery Handling

  • Token based Selling for Self Service/Food Court kind of counters

  • Parking Ticketing/Rental Billings with OCR/BAR/QR Code scanning for Vehicle numbers auto scanning

& the Options Continue...

  • The list of capabilities of the MASTER continues...

  • Basic Inventory Management

  • Receipe based automatic stock adjustment facility

  • Day end Z-Reporting with transaction locking

  • Automatic mailing of Reports

  • Customer Credit Management Facility

  • and many more.....

10 inch machine
15 inch machine

Device Options

  • The Easy MASTER comes with multiple device options from which you may select the appropriate one for your need. Here are the list of options currently available:

  • Easy MASTER 7" STD console with 2" or 3" printer thermal option

  • Easy MASTER 10" STD console with 2" or 3" printer thermal option

  • Easy MASTER 10.1" SL POS with 3" built-in thermal printer

  • Easy MASTER 5.5" SL Portable POS

  • Easy MASTER 15" Non Touch Console with 2" or 3" printer thermal option

  • Easy MASTER with Wifi option for any mobile/tablet

Back Office & Management Made Easier..

  • Monitoring and controlling the critical areas of your business is the most important & primary task to prevent the unwanted losses and outflows. We offer you a whole lot of features that can make these tasks easier for you.

  • Options for quick end of the day settlements and reports

  • Complete Back end automation from purchases to consumption, costing & wastage reporting

  • Receipe Management and Receipe based Sales Settlement

  • Central Kitchen/Head Office based work flow & Multi Branch management capabilities

7 inch machine

Business Performance at a Glance...

  • Monitoring your performance is the most important task for measuring and planning for your growth. Our cloud based comprehensive reporting options would help you to do the same.

  • Single graphical consolidated dashboard

  • Comprehensive and Detailed reporting

  • Items, Time, Performance, Turnover based reports with comparisons

  • Item creation and pricing from anywhere through the dashboard

  • Excel downloads for all reports

Have more Questions ?

Easy MASTER is an andriod native application which is a stand alone application that is also cloud enabled. We can include cloud facility depending on the customer's need.

Usually Easy MASTER is a stand alone POS that is targetted for small buinesses and cannot be connected with multiple devices. However in some cases we can integrate multiple MASTERS through a local web service network that would be be powered by our Easy RESTO software.

Usually about 95% of your support calls can be solved online in a few minutes. In other cases, Easy MASTER has regional support providers located near your outlets and they would provide on site support whenever and wherever needed. Apart from the same, online support is available round the clock, and is just a call away.

Easy MASTER is available with both the options. In case of one time purchase cost, extended support is provided by charging a nominal AMC amount. In case where AMC is not paid, service is still extended as an when needed for a one time support cost.

Yes Easy MASTER supports online ordering and integrates with some leading delivery providers like Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda, etc. The Intergration would be additional to the base cost and would be based on per order basis

Yes Easy MASTER provides cloud based online reporting that can also be used for remote menu creation and management.

Almost 90% of the Industry standard processes and procedures are available in Easy MASTER and can be configured to suit your needs. In addition to the above we can customize for some additional requirements for an additional cost. The option to accept or disallow customization would depend on the impact of such change to the existing customers.

Yes Easy RESTO has the option to send some of the reports by e-mail. Provision is also available to export the reports in PDF or Excel formats.